Free Seed planting time

End of summer is nigh but its never too late to sow some crops. All that free seed on the front of gardening Mags I have brought this past year is now going to supply Veg and salad. Rocket can be sowed now it will take around 14 days for the seedlings to appear then you can harvest it as baby leaf without having to thin your sowings or take some baby leaves and leave other plants to mature. Same with Kale One good for baby leaves pickings is Toscana although it can take up to 28 days to produce seedlings but most times much sooner still plenty of time if you cover with fleece to get plenty of baby leaves. Scarlet globe radish will produce a good crop before the end of October if sowed now while soil is still warm. Sow Turnips such as Purple Top Milan you should get some golf ball sized veggies to eat before winter sets in. Always Best when young and sweet. Lettuce sowing too out of the many types I prefer salad bowl for late sowings as they can be sowed and harvested until November outside or longer if you sow in a greenhouse setting. Be quick and a sowing of Mizuna will produce many baby leaves you could keep sowing if the weather is mild for a continued supply. Fleece comes in handy if frost is forecast. Sow cauliflowers now as well for a earlier crop maybe January or slightly later weather dependant maybe late December you never know. Fleece plants if weather overly cold. This week I will also dead head buddleia shrubs and cut the tops off Tomato’s plants and de-leaf them to help what’s left ripen and give then an extra feed. Chillies will need less water but I will water lightly with some added Tomato feed. Weeds appear this time of year as if by magic so I will keep up the weeding as well. Hopefully the guy who keeps a BBQ going everyday it during the summer will get fed up of charcoal flavoured food and give my lungs a break from the fumes. My garden is like an outside room to me and this guy just seems to always be at his BBQ. I like to dry washing as when the day is dry but this summer its been almost impossible with BBQ Bob sending his smoke my way every time the sun has appeared. The plants might like the extra carbon in the air but my lungs definitely do not. Here’s to the Autumn and dare I say Christmas is starting to loom but still plenty of gardening to do until then.

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