Sunshine and showers

Decided to empty greenhouse of left over bedding plants and make use of a bit of border where a new pond will eventually be as and when I get the time and money to complete it.Gardening while it can be mainly free still does require a fair bit of expenditure but if one recycles and keeps a look out for things others don’t want anymore it can be done cheaply. But things like pond liners don’t just come along for free. But the benefit for local insect life and frogs and birds will be well worth it. Got a start on the front garden today and this poses a problem as many people make small talk with you as they pass and I try not to bore them to death with plant facts which in turn makes time an issue as there is never enough time. Still its nice to receive comments like “that looks wonderful” or “My what a beautiful garden” amongst others.
I never really like eye contact and weeding is great for chatting and not having to keep looking at the person your chatting with. I also cleaned the greenhouse floor and shelves today found around 10 snails and many more slugs waiting for a feast under plant trays and shelving. There is a large field behind here so I collect them and despatch them over the fence. They are most likely the same ones I find every few days coming back for more grub. Many gardeners kill them by drowning them in beer traps or using slug pellets I find it better to walk round collect them and despatch them to the field. Its a cloudy evening so it will do no harm to water the hanging baskets now instead of later.

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