Heatwave and now wind and rain

Seems like a whole season has passed since that week of temps up in the high 30’s. Its been raining on every other day since and some days very humid but some rather chilly for this time of year and the plants are most likely as confused as me when I was once told to be  an individual but try to be like others in the  class. As I am talking about or rather writing about chills it brings to my mind my chillies which despite starting off late are doing really well. I can use some of the green ones now and let the others ripen until they are red I suppose I should also cut a few of the stalks with flowers off now to help the plant save energy for the Peppers that are already in abundance. Its not August yet so will delay this a week until a few more set . You can never have enough chillies. The hanging baskets and pots are in full flower and looking good but not brilliant because of the recent rain but with plenty of dead heading they are looking set to last for another 8 weeks plus. It’s time to sow some more beetroot which will be ready mid autumn and more salad leafs which take a few weeks to mature and lots more radish. Its a must for a continued supply to keep  sowing  every few weeks with  the warm soil  at this time of year  germination takes very little time and the effort will save on buying from shops and always tastes so much better freshly picked. Speaking of picking the strawberries are doing remarkably well still and have been cropping for many weeks now it is also time to start some new plants by pinning the  runners into pots to make more as many strawberry plants start to fizzle out after a few years and its so easy and free to create many more from the runners they send out after cropping .

Damselfly or Dragonfly


It’s either one or the other but this wonderful creature was taking a rest in one of my hanging baskets. It’s normally a bee or two or  hover flies I find hiding out amongst the flowers. The daily ritual of dead heading that will make sure that the plants do not waste energy making seed reveals many different surprise insects. Expert say that dragonflies rest with their wings like this while Damselflies rest with them along side there long bodies.

Wild flower theme doing well .

Was just thinking how colourful the slightly  disordered and muddled even chaotic  wild flower garden theme looks. It’s abundant with insects and seems to have pulled in many butterflies species and bees.  All in all its doing what I hoped it would and it looks far better than I had hoped . I much prefer or thought I did nice bold lines and straight edges but this has proved me wrong .